dateentry titlephoto title
11.05.2008 A little happy dance Last Days of Autumn
11.04.2008 Potty Training Simon will be very embarrassed at 16
11.04.2008 Potty Training Simon will be very embarrassed at 16
11.03.2008 Tomorrow is November 4 Obama
10.15.2008 playing the accordian A lovely bunch of ladies (?)
10.14.2008 Germany Recap Simon and the Cookie
09.24.2008 The Cardinal Bernie on a Wire
09.18.2008 garden bounty grapes
08.12.2008 breathing issues black-eyed susan season
08.07.2008 another random kat list rusty old wheel
08.05.2008 Treo, RIP Black Eyed Susan
07.31.2008 The New Gass Grill Lichen on Granite
07.25.2008 berry picking redux Cool vent
07.24.2008 Them there are some big words Archways of Fort Warren
07.24.2008 Them there are some big words Archways of Fort Warren
07.22.2008 Meeting up with Old Friends Tanya + Co
07.21.2008 Boston Harbor Islands Batter Up
07.17.2008 email withdrawl purple in the details
07.12.2008 Theresa Katja Eberl Happy Family
07.03.2008 still on baby watch details
06.30.2008 Alix too Ready for bursting
06.27.2008 macramé? yellow iris
06.24.2008 like a wet kat wrinkles
06.23.2008 smelly babble Swine
06.21.2008 First Day of Summer Strawwberry Fields Forever
06.19.2008 Boston is a sport's fan kind of town. delicate
06.17.2008 Simon is famous pinkies
06.16.2008 bad blog delicate flower
05.02.2008 More data to drool over aude blue (that'd be periwinkle)
04.23.2008 84 degrees in april tulip explosion
04.22.2008 Title Nine 100 smoots
04.21.2008 pots in the kitchen herbs and pinwheels
04.20.2008 Sports Fan Kind of Weekend in the Hub Bless These Smelly Sneakers
04.18.2008 this wasn't so smart Uhaul bloopers
04.04.2008 really? that's a stone? stone
04.03.2008 Tennis as Second Class Citizen the first crocus in the neighbor's yard
04.01.2008 sleep patterns stone flowers
03.31.2008 feet to the pavement prickles
03.26.2008 A Habit that must be Broken Pillow Sharing
03.24.2008 Easter Weekend glass through iron
03.20.2008 today is spring witch hazel
03.19.2008 domestic bliss A pile of kitties
03.18.2008 catchin up again birch curls
03.14.2008 my run in(on) with(from) the police blue lobster
03.12.2008 damn shoulder Mimosa Path
03.07.2008 Absinthe Sidney is Pretzel-boy
03.06.2008 other people's cats granary burial ground
03.04.2008 Mt. Auburn Cemetery anchored
03.03.2008 Elizabeth up from New York here fishy fishy
02.28.2008 Dogfishing magical
02.26.2008 Out On a Monday fractal banches
02.25.2008 Weekend Recap Silly Simon
02.21.2008 I am a Migraineur rust bucket
02.20.2008 guacamole, at your disposal pin-head
02.19.2008 Come Again? frostly leaves
01.27.2008 Putting on the Traveling Shoes. Again. Munich Volksbad
01.25.2008 january munich trip grafitti
01.09.2008 spring like and accordians waiting to burst
01.03.2008 Sidney Tricks Balancing Act
01.01.2008 Quirky Beach Report







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