dateentry titlephoto title
12.31.2007 baking bread bread with butter
12.28.2007 Isn't "Loathsome" a Great Word? Scary lady
12.27.2007 honey sweet sedgwick
12.19.2007 my portuguese neighbor molting
12.16.2007 More snow pinky
12.13.2007 Snow is in the air Me, avec a pile of cookies
12.12.2007 Cranberry Orange Walnut Bread Cookie Monster Insanity
12.06.2007 pretty in pink
12.01.2007 December First Means... Maus zum Advent
11.19.2007 ping last of the leaves
11.02.2007 Sid's new trick Kat-eye
10.29.2007 Nasty Girl Almost a blck + white picture
10.23.2007 pissed at amazon an autumn bouty
10.22.2007 a new englandy type of weekend pretty pretty leaves
10.19.2007 Smoots Quintessiential Picture
10.17.2007 new camera posing
10.15.2007 weekend recap more red leaves
10.12.2007 mellow days turning colors
10.10.2007 sleeping positions lounge-a-sid
10.08.2007 Not really Oktoberfest, but very Cambridge Everybody loves a parade
10.07.2007 back but sick trees
09.19.2007 Alan Greenspan pinky
09.05.2007 Nap time for Sedges Cat in the Bed
09.03.2007 recorded for posterity sunflower in the wind
08.27.2007 Schooner Sailing On the Water
08.22.2007 House for Sale 330 Seventh Ave
08.20.2007 [none] spaetsommerblumen
08.15.2007 Weekends in Maine Maine Coast
08.08.2007 cookie insomnia yummy
08.06.2007 see it? curlz and spiders
08.05.2007 three semi-related thoughts susans
08.01.2007 uncoordination baby daisies
07.31.2007 Cambridge 1 urban dahlia
07.26.2007 Still pondering Apartment livingroom
07.24.2007 St. George fragile : purple
07.20.2007 The Temptation of Christina's Aude Blue
07.19.2007 Cemeteries Mellie's Stone
07.18.2007 Centre Street is still fabulous Quad-plex of water lillies
07.17.2007 Arranging my days Velvet mushroom
07.16.2007 Walking on Deer Isle A wee little sailboat
07.13.2007 is yummy yogurt with honey
07.12.2007 Apartment Status Kat in Bed
07.11.2007 hints for selling shit on craig's list baby blue
07.10.2007 Explora-kitty Super Sid!
07.09.2007 Treasure in the Cabinet Vegemite
07.07.2007 Feast of Our Holy Who? And the Marching Band Played on
07.06.2007 surprising news tear drop
07.05.2007 Furniture! Orange Daisy
07.03.2007 Working, or at least Trying Temporary Working Arrangments
07.02.2007 made it! fotogrf needs bug spray
07.01.2007 Live Blogging from Interstate 90 The View of a Monte Carlo's Ass
06.30.2007 Notes from the Road Sedgwick at the Day Spa
06.29.2007 Progress Report The messy pasenger seat
06.28.2007 Leg 1 complete A cardboard sign
06.28.2007 Seattle to Boston Cram Packed Ludwig
06.26.2007 Wimbledon a wet yellow rose
06.24.2007 Future of Flight Etta's
06.19.2007 more telephone numbers? ferns
06.14.2007 festival weekend daisies
06.11.2007 from my dad blue poppies
06.07.2007 Upgraded Bugged
05.30.2007 personifying flowers iris tongue
05.29.2007 Weekend Recap for Bowen Sunshine Coast
05.25.2007 Weekend to the Great North shadows
05.23.2007 an unlikely story red fern emerges
05.22.2007 Feeling like a popsickle Another poppy, this time orange
05.21.2007 rhody garden blue poppy
05.14.2007 weekend two step springtime ferns
05.10.2007 Brotherly love Bath Time
05.09.2007 Americone Dreaming ferns by the fence
05.07.2007 Driving with Cats Native American Princess
05.04.2007 Starring in his Own Music Video Flying Simon
05.02.2007 I'm back again, in case you're wondering lilacs
04.23.2007 in Munich Simon's Ear
04.18.2007 feeling removed Old shot of buds
04.14.2007 food in maine chowdah
04.13.2007 Friday the 13th Snow mushroom
04.12.2007 sick as a dog squirrel in a bathtub
04.09.2007 in Maine eggs
04.04.2007 A little comment green skyscrapers
04.03.2007 on packing light (not) in bloom
04.02.2007 tear down swirl
03.30.2007 Plan B More spring flowers
03.28.2007 Planet Earth pinky
03.27.2007 eggs cherry tree in the backyard
03.26.2007 uneventful weekend recap star magnolia
03.23.2007 taxes - oh, the minutia! washed out daffodil
03.22.2007 Ready for his close up Sidney
03.21.2007 project results laptop sleeve, redux
03.19.2007 kat projects, a la arts + crafts laptop sleeve
03.14.2007 cuddly sprouts
03.12.2007 red and green bright colors
03.11.2007 birth and death, in one weekend emergence
03.08.2007 Cocoabella life is like a box of chocolates
03.07.2007 vitamin D glare on crocus
03.05.2007 sleep interrupted spring flowers
03.02.2007 another crazy week sedg with astrolomeria
02.26.2007 random comment about grass wavy gravy
02.24.2007 uninspired droplettes
02.22.2007 sprung crocus, heralding spring
02.20.2007 Walking weirdness Heidekraut
02.19.2007 company for dinner signs of spring
02.17.2007 a new laptop! mexican tile
02.16.2007 Garden Show Recap (Unexciting) The Market Sign
02.12.2007 Garden Show this Week witchhazel
02.09.2007 Open Letter to the Guy Who Whistled Yesterday Red + Green
02.07.2007 TerraBite detail on branch
02.06.2007 surfing the evening away helpful Sidneys
02.05.2007 grocery store bagger rant a random beer coaster
02.04.2007 My website redesign A mess of pine cones
02.03.2007 Tivo'ed Invasion of the Tivo boxes
02.02.2007 care packages frost crystals on leaf
01.30.2007 Another new face Pussy willows
01.25.2007 On being tired Vancouver, from Granville Island
01.22.2007 Opus Hotel Shadow Play
01.19.2007 Vancouver Weekend Plans Sid in a Window
01.18.2007 Climate Change Sedgwick's Paws
01.16.2007 road to recovery frosty ferns
01.14.2007 barely concious chicken pot pie, a la kat
01.11.2007 birthday present snowy branches
01.10.2007 DMV Experience feets
01.08.2007 catching up frosty leaf
01.01.2007 a new year baby simon







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