dateentry titlephoto title
12.31.2006 Last Day of da Year Group Photo
12.28.2006 Social Butterfly Maurice the Monitor
12.26.2006 holiday recap red heart
12.22.2006 tennis new (tennis junkie) kat with kookies
12.20.2006 The Wish List Fragile
12.19.2006 simply me in focus
12.17.2006 The damage Report In Starbucks, Smiling
12.11.2006 where did the weekend go? garden gnomes playing chess
12.10.2006 done! Butterzimtschnecken
12.09.2006 insomnia shadows
12.08.2006 three haircuts in one year? dead leaves
12.07.2006 mourning a stranger spitzbuben
12.05.2006 accicents happen fine fern
12.04.2006 a list for the week pink leaf
12.03.2006 nothing like a new winter jacket terrassenplaetzchen
11.30.2006 sneezing chocolate Schwartzweissgebaeck
11.28.2006 More weather news (oh, so exciting) Snowy House
11.27.2006 goopy, sticky snow ausstecherle
11.26.2006 Thanksgiving Senitments Kat the Yuppie
11.25.2006 now snow, sigh weather report
11.24.2006 miscellaneous a confused poinsettia
11.20.2006 Best of the Northwest tree mushrooms
11.19.2006 moody blues frilly purples
11.17.2006 catastrophic crane collapses a calm before the next storm
11.15.2006 Enough with the Pineapple Express! Undignified Mr. Sid
11.14.2006 updated, finally colorful rocks
11.10.2006 lost lost friends faux cabbage
11.09.2006 Disaster Tourism Snoqualmie Falls at Flood
11.07.2006 you've probably heard of those Seattle rains close up with a cat
11.06.2006 the shoulder update rain drops on rose thorns
11.04.2006 sorry for the lack of updates floating raindrops
11.01.2006 Ten lousy trick-or-treaters last of the sunflowers
10.30.2006 New England Autumns The Backyard Maple Tree
10.29.2006 Surprise Birthday Party And I'll huff and I'll puff
10.26.2006 a pain in the shoulder a pile of pumpkins
10.24.2006 Rainy days in Seattle Reclining Mr. Sedgwick
10.22.2006 jetlagging yellow leaves equal autumn
10.16.2006 star of david war memorials
10.14.2006 The bar to end all bars Zorro
10.13.2006 Eating on the Road Brie, Baguette and Perrier
10.12.2006 From the Brittany Coast Me, on the Cote Sauvage
10.09.2006 Just a note from the road The Chamonix Train Station
10.08.2006 the mundane, even on vacation moooo
10.07.2006 Gringelwald, Switzerland The hills are alive, with the sound of cow bells
10.06.2006 travels in Europe, continued Vernazza, Cinque Terre
10.02.2006 Still visiting with the Family Simon and the Grandparents
10.01.2006 catching up from Europe Kat and Michi at Oktoberfest
09.27.2006 and so, I am off to travel yellow flower jumble
09.25.2006 under the weather orange
09.22.2006 pre trip list swirly leg flower
09.20.2006 Kitten has a new home Rare Bird
09.18.2006 please take this kitten! another kitten shot
09.17.2006 kat to the cat rescue the orphan
09.15.2006 laughing far too much kat curlz
09.14.2006 end of summer? the red dahlia
09.13.2006 Success! Finally! Check out them boots!
09.12.2006 neat clouds wavy gravy
09.11.2006 no memorials from Kat sci-fi globes
09.10.2006 the boot update lichen a rock a lot
09.08.2006 should I chop my hair short? opening bloom
09.07.2006 in the neighborhood peeling bark patterns
09.06.2006 misscellany (nothing important) basket of garden goodness
09.04.2006 end of an era sunflower
09.02.2006 scavenger hunt grapes
08.31.2006 no news is good news late summer flowers
08.29.2006 first rain in 73 days red fern
08.27.2006 goddamn hip bark ribbon
08.27.2006 my name is kat. i am a tennis fanatic. sneezeweed
08.26.2006 Stewart-Colbert-2006 ruby red cherry tomatoes
08.25.2006 is summer really over? perched
08.24.2006 hitting the wall a bouquet of african daisies
08.23.2006 mushy cereal japanese bowls
08.22.2006 the atlas is claimed Sedgwick the conquistador
08.21.2006 the europe trip comes into focus macro on leaf
08.20.2006 all I want is a good night's sleep my neighbor's birdbath
08.19.2006 black knee-high riding boots? blue belles
08.18.2006 a list of my favorite things sunshine through sunflowers
08.17.2006 a post a year in the making the new kat
08.16.2006 kat's garden update a very pink dahlia
08.15.2006 back in kirkland itchy catepillar
08.11.2006 maine recap, so far budding pine cones
08.07.2006 bodily observations birkenstock tan
08.06.2006 the quiet side of acadia cadillac mountain, as viewed from schoodic
08.06.2006 in Maine mykology
08.02.2006 Finally! Welcome Simon Eberl
07.31.2006 happy consumer overlapping ferns
07.29.2006 Cross-posting Waiting on Simon
07.27.2006 back to normal washed and ready for pickin'
07.26.2006 from the garden first harvest
07.25.2006 lemonade cropped dahlia
07.23.2006 kayaking the devil milky water
07.21.2006 disaster news sharp poppy
07.20.2006 what a nice haircut! lots of yellow these days
07.19.2006 weather report: heatwave smattering of pink
07.17.2006 blueberry seasons sidney, in close up
07.15.2006 Mistaken identity? perky
07.13.2006 dorm rooms Visitors
07.10.2006 Maine, again starburst
07.09.2006 kayaking around mercer the mountain
07.08.2006 demo photo essay more smashed up car-talk
07.05.2006 a bang up fourth is that a toilet on the roof?
07.02.2006 Foggy Lake hiking kats
06.30.2006 pronounced healthy heart of a poppy
06.28.2006 construction = over? scraper
06.27.2006 heat wave kayaking
06.26.2006 Chatty Cathys Kim and Kat on the Ferry
06.25.2006 retirement plans orange spray
06.24.2006 self-sabotage playing with power tools
06.23.2006 myrtle the turtle mr. turtle
06.22.2006 and away symmetry
06.21.2006 a statement about a duck blurry bird
06.20.2006 My name is Antigo Montoya primary explosion
06.20.2006 finally, an update garden in June
06.15.2006 up close and personal buzzzzz
06.13.2006 sister update Alix at 7 1/2 months
06.12.2006 Latitude 48 gets press don't distract captain sedgwick
06.11.2006 paddling on lake washington burned!
06.09.2006 sport-a-holic weekend more in the fern series
06.08.2006 babydom on the brain emergence
06.05.2006 recapping the last 24-hours crossing ferns
06.03.2006 posts that don't go together 21 Central
06.02.2006 just busy, ok? aude bleu
05.30.2006 case of the nerves prickly
05.28.2006 one more option safety orange
05.27.2006 veggie garden update fields of allium
05.26.2006 and so, I ponder from the neighborhood
05.26.2006 kinky (neck, that is) seeing stars
05.25.2006 cancelled? the unfurling
05.23.2006 recapping, at last iris season
05.21.2006 Vacation Over Friends forever
05.20.2006 Elizabeth's Wedding Presenting the Purvises
05.19.2006 last night home another camden shot
05.18.2006 reading too quickly google screen shot
05.17.2006 playing hooky the hah-bar of Camden
05.16.2006 dimples up close self portrait
05.15.2006 New England is floating away thespian phil
05.12.2006 My parent's cat Maurice
05.11.2006 back up -- finally! mouses (not mauses)
05.06.2006 hairless kats the allium family
05.04.2006 fire, fire! flaming red
05.01.2006 a kat list fern frawns
04.30.2006 weekend roundup bleeding hearts
04.28.2006 Pink Event Pink Flower
04.26.2006 nothing, really stretching frawns
04.24.2006 two notes lilac time
04.23.2006 hunting bears hunting sidneys
04.21.2006 A thousand miles you've got no sole (not soul)
04.20.2006 showing off the putenators Kat with cats
04.20.2006 prom date blast from the past
04.19.2006 sushi craving Do Not Enter Sign
04.18.2006 standing in line for a 39-cent stamp piles of pots
04.17.2006 deconstructing road construction checkboard bell
04.15.2006 just getting rid of the easter bunny sunshine flower
04.14.2006 patriot's day extention good friday bunny
04.13.2006 scanning project back in time
04.12.2006 third birthday sleeping sedgwick
04.11.2006 immigration in action clematis
04.10.2006 jack hammers at 7 AM yikes!
04.09.2006 tulip festival recap parrot-tulip
04.07.2006 a reprimand tinies
04.06.2006 difference of opinion first fiddleheads
04.04.2006 outdoor notes end of the magnolia
04.02.2006 scan girl smiley
03.31.2006 Feierabend Dinkel Acker !
03.31.2006 kimono lots and lots of daffs
03.28.2006 To an Athlete Dying Young cherry blossoms
03.27.2006 Random Notes Vortex
03.24.2006 spring showers wet bells of spring
03.23.2006 The Sinking Leaving Horseshoe Bay
03.22.2006 Playing Dress-up Mr. Sedgwick is ready for his close up
03.20.2006 nada spikey daff
03.15.2006 spring sproutage yellow submarine (or daffodil)
03.14.2006 Chowin down, medieval style balancing act
03.11.2006 back from radio silence pussy willow
03.07.2006 out of the office fragile
03.04.2006 Sidney adventures Crocus explosion
03.03.2006 Oscar the grouch little birdie on a perch
03.02.2006 money, money, money yellow switches
03.01.2006 vroom vroom baby chard
02.28.2006 directness hellebores, yet again
02.27.2006 life event score becoming berries
02.24.2006 German lessons Little baby purple flowers
02.23.2006 Handicap Chair Hellebore, redux
02.22.2006 Free fallin' Hellebore in Bloom
02.21.2006 Olympic Commentary Inside of a Sand Dollar
02.20.2006 Tiny Cannon Beach Recap Look, the elusive Kat!
02.18.2006 Freezing at the Beach Hello, Mr. Puffin
02.16.2006 Getting the hell out of Dodge Old photo of Cannon Beach
02.14.2006 Little Noah crabapple blooms
02.12.2006 weekend recap threads
02.10.2006 Lounging Sedg on a Couch
02.09.2006 Little Eleni-Clarie pink (for valentine's day?)
02.08.2006 the garden show the first crocuses (croci?)
02.06.2006 Ask me if I care... fuzzy willows
02.05.2006 78 mph hour winds? In Seattle? stormy days
02.03.2006 musty more droplets
01.31.2006 mint tea droplet
01.30.2006 spring for real? already? brave little crocus
01.27.2006 unexciting weekend plans purple petals
01.26.2006 sedgwick update hurtin' kitty
01.25.2006 Pressie! IPod Nano
01.24.2006 teavana my new tea maker
01.23.2006 Bowl Bound cool leaf patterns
01.21.2006 weekend plans sunny skies - finally
01.19.2006 limping kitty pensive sedgwick
01.18.2006 moody wednesdays prickly spikes
01.17.2006 collarbone kat behind a kamera
01.16.2006 music site suggestions freshing found fledglings
01.15.2006 must love dogs more heather
01.13.2006 drinks with an old friend mossy branch
01.12.2006 first tennis of the year: this weekend a rock and a hard place
01.11.2006 Reviewing Purple droplets
01.10.2006 birth and birthdays fuzzy Sidney
01.09.2006 rain drops keep fallin' more greenery
01.08.2006 fog of war drops
01.07.2006 musically inclined school of hard rocks
01.06.2006 KIND fruit + nut bars cabbage flower
01.05.2006 blogging about blogs bacon!
01.04.2006 Kat plays golf? said forsythia
01.03.2006 blooms in january heather
01.02.2006 knit, knit, knit verdant green fern
01.01.2006 New Year's Resolutions rainy holly
01.01.2006 A New Site A New Year







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