dateentry titlephoto title
12.30.2005 helping sedgwick likes email
12.29.2005 gummibaerchen wet thorns
12.28.2005 logan snowey curves
12.25.2005 On dying and birth and Christmas maurice
12.24.2005 snowy weather Mr. and Mrs. Snowman
12.23.2005 bloggin from Maine blue jay
12.20.2005 Barbie: beware christmasy needle
12.19.2005 winter solstice mouse king
12.18.2005 Nutcracker checkers
12.12.2005 busy week toes
12.10.2005 Go fly a kite glass balls
12.09.2005 tgif terrassenplaetzchen
12.08.2005 cold mornings frosty
12.07.2005 tech support baby poinsettia leaves
12.05.2005 Baking Extravaganza 2005 Butterzimtschnecken
12.01.2005 And we're back frosty leaf
11.28.2005 bears in the woods frozen sands
11.26.2005 this place is so cool crash
11.25.2005 Wild Pacific Trail Stormwatching
11.24.2005 Happy Thanksgiving swimming turkeys
11.24.2005 Some days, nothing is on the menu those are big logs
11.22.2005 Saddle Island kat in a kayak
11.21.2005 lifting fog surf to ourselves
11.20.2005 accompanying dolphins kats in the fog
11.19.2005 we're here! sunset at chesterman beach
11.16.2005 bird poo birdies
11.15.2005 pennies fire engine red tree
11.14.2005 more travels with kat spikes
11.13.2005 a list slug lunch
11.11.2005 ATA Conference asters
11.09.2005 end of the line rocks for my mum
11.07.2005 i hate leaf blowers last of the colors
11.05.2005 rain rain go away sunset over the pacific
11.04.2005 the next trip planned crashing ways
11.02.2005 Lincoln City bright beaked bird
10.28.2005 off to the oregon coast mister sidney
10.27.2005 cuddly kittens mister sedgwick
10.25.2005 mutant radish gnarly!
10.24.2005 flicker, not flickr apple-wa
10.23.2005 Oktoberfest at the Hartmann Haus lime greeny-ness
10.20.2005 Clancy's Bistro dewey leaf
10.17.2005 weather report maple leaves
10.15.2005 Missing Boston Yellow Autumn
10.13.2005 evening visitors from my parents back yard
10.12.2005 Gita Shades of autumn
10.03.2005 acadia reflecting dinghy
10.01.2005 on the other coast cats on couches
09.28.2005 leavin' on a jet plane (tomorrow) curly coleus
09.26.2005 knitting the same scarf three times dahlia's backside
09.23.2005 opinion? shadowed trunk
09.21.2005 weather thorny
09.20.2005 the trials and tribulations or ordering checks neat pattern
09.18.2005 a beautiful ceremony dahlia
09.15.2005 kayaking meeting curley
09.13.2005 On falling rocks Detailed signs
09.10.2005 buzz cut bells
09.08.2005 annoyingly busy week alien flowers have landed
09.06.2005 autumn cometh sunflower with bzzzzzzzzz
09.04.2005 the open 4 daisies
09.01.2005 desperation stoic
08.31.2005 essentially pink flutter
08.30.2005 your tsunami? echineasa
08.29.2005 weather report: scattered showers straw flower
08.28.2005 eclair recipe starburst
08.26.2005 commuting dew drop
08.24.2005 lens-mania fuzzy tail
08.22.2005 'round Mercer fotogrf'ing the kayaks
08.20.2005 baby strollers suck red-eyed susan?
08.18.2005 catman coleus in the yard
08.16.2005 spam coleus
08.15.2005 bug bites sunny
08.12.2005 another list cone flower
08.10.2005 kamloops, bc toes
08.07.2005 on the road again the maple leaf
08.03.2005 Done! Finito de la musica
08.02.2005 The Protector semi-completed house
08.01.2005 sid in a tree action sidney!
07.31.2005 the painting update, part 2 daisy
07.28.2005 the painting update emergence
07.26.2005 yuck scary-ass spider
07.25.2005 get out of your car! sneeeeeeze weeeeed
07.24.2005 more water exploring water views
07.23.2005 da Tour smiling dahlia
07.21.2005 cool houses cost a lot of money almost ripe
07.20.2005 bagel-speak bloomin' artichoke
07.18.2005 deep cove little kat
07.17.2005 the new neckys (ok, new to us) emerging blooms
07.16.2005 house painting conundrum water lily from the paddle
07.12.2005 sidney and the blueberry wee little purple flower
07.11.2005 ok, not really the bunny that ate manhattan
07.10.2005 urban paddling kat in a kayak
07.09.2005 when the internet goes flakey daisies in the rain
07.07.2005 london exploding ganzia
07.06.2005 mergers & acquisitions teary buds
07.05.2005 Noble Knob View of Mt. Rainier
07.03.2005 Rainier Pix overblown poppy
07.01.2005 staying put love-in-a-mist
06.30.2005 Tofino pix blue firecracker
06.29.2005 I sold a print! pasque flower
06.27.2005 bon voyage nutcracker
06.24.2005 wimbledon as heidi would say, Aud-bleu
06.23.2005 linkage nuts
06.22.2005 back and busy broken islands
06.16.2005 tofino bound the millionth iris
06.15.2005 digital fingernails the green wave
06.13.2005 farmer tan v-point leaves
06.11.2005 Four random comments sunny asters
06.10.2005 the van dusen calla
06.07.2005 isn't an excursion big enough?! purple soldiers
06.06.2005 exhausting weekend lady bug
06.03.2005 cruising the strip mosaics
06.02.2005 pictures are posted monument valley
06.01.2005 Flying with Midgets Whitehouse Campsite
05.30.2005 Almost back ... Zion Canyon
05.20.2005 outta here shadowy
05.19.2005 Happiness is... state flower of colorado
05.17.2005 Surprise Visitor The Great Goober
05.16.2005 bugger look at that stinger ass
05.15.2005 raining; playing catch up curly petals
05.12.2005 chop chop baby berry
05.11.2005 (none) iris
05.09.2005 a book on reading color burst
05.09.2005 yard work iris season
05.07.2005 Opening Day Benny in the Boat
05.05.2005 ideas? kitten wrestling
05.04.2005 summer plans: the C visit baby bee
05.02.2005 Big Dead Place I See Spiders
05.01.2005 the garden is planted bells
04.29.2005 kirkland facts little iris
04.27.2005 airline ticket prices playing with short focal distances
04.25.2005 a list birtch bark
04.24.2005 planting season first poppy of the year
04.23.2005 car wash weather yellow starburst
04.22.2005 website launch katography
04.21.2005 gas just became 10 cents more expensive patterns
04.19.2005 the new pope-ster star burst
04.17.2005 weekend recap blood red
04.15.2005 night on the town... well, Snohomish breaking free
04.13.2005 happy birthday to sedg baby sedgwick
04.11.2005 panda sex? twweeeet
04.10.2005 weekend wrap up big, pointy t.... tips
04.08.2005 alix's thoughts streeeeetch
04.07.2005 pizza perfection hearts
04.05.2005 kat kalculations crabbies
04.03.2005 tulips water logged
04.02.2005 (not a proper update) the tree trunk with eyes
03.30.2005 tax season purple pixels
03.28.2005 dreadlocks weathered white
03.26.2005 easter eggs rainbow maus
03.25.2005 lunch with mary feathery fern
03.24.2005 miscellaneous Pepi le Pui
03.22.2005 please don't intervene rain diamonds
03.21.2005 Is that a cow in the front yard or am I tripping? [moo]
03.20.2005 Cape Disappointment The Millicoma
03.19.2005 the bloom update cluster
03.17.2005 $2.47 blue crop
03.15.2005 What do you see? Driftwood
03.14.2005 the great sedg escape red rover red rover
03.13.2005 Skagit Adventure Feathered Friend
03.11.2005 strange photo halloween branch
03.09.2005 Pluming Mr. Sedg is a Bush
03.08.2005 news wrap sid sid
03.06.2005 sunday The Cherry Tree
03.05.2005 Hiking on Whidby Ebby's Landing
03.04.2005 inauguration snowball (short focal)
03.02.2005 a rant camellia
03.01.2005 [nothin'] yellow switches
02.27.2005 first garden news pink seeds
02.25.2005 Decisions Emerging from the Primal Spooge
02.24.2005 the weather (on of my favorite topics) wispy
02.22.2005 Super Size Me faucet
02.21.2005 Hunter S. Thompson Witchy witch hazel
02.20.2005 frustrating weekend frosty oak leaf
02.18.2005 fingernails peeling
02.17.2005 nw craft alliance show floral patters
02.15.2005 Rainer masters DSL Sedg on Green
02.14.2005 Tent City 4 buddy
02.12.2005 freezing, just freezing Pike's at Sunset
02.11.2005 tonight's menu bodyless buddha
02.09.2005 the garden show heather inspection
02.07.2005 the patriots win the superbowl....again dramatic white fleur
02.05.2005 Pickin' Up the Boat Ben Riding the Whistling Pig
02.04.2005 the new and improved kat everyday red red chard
02.02.2005 The Whistling Pig pussy willow
02.02.2005 The Whistling Pig pussy willow
01.31.2005 sad state of affairs twirl
01.31.2005 sad state of affairs twirl
01.29.2005 grease fire burned
01.29.2005 grease fire burned
01.27.2005 blah. blah. blah. checkerboard
01.27.2005 blah. blah. blah. checkerboard
01.24.2005 southwest trip planning hellebores on the bloom
01.24.2005 southwest trip planning hellebores on the bloom
01.22.2005 cube commentary stamen
01.22.2005 cube commentary stamen
01.21.2005 at your service drunk puppets
01.21.2005 at your service drunk puppets
01.20.2005 than the president these rocks are smarter
01.20.2005 than the president these rocks are smarter
01.18.2005 bitch, moan and complain rainex
01.18.2005 bitch, moan and complain rainex
01.16.2005 the boat show wetness
01.16.2005 the boat show wetness
01.14.2005 cold week fiddlehead appearance
01.14.2005 cold week fiddlehead appearance
01.09.2005 snow snowey waterfront
01.09.2005 snow snowey waterfront
01.07.2005 translation bloopers glass
01.07.2005 translation bloopers glass
01.06.2005 a shopping conundrum gnome
01.06.2005 a shopping conundrum gnome
01.05.2005 When "Convenience Technology" isn't so Convenient feather fern
01.05.2005 When "Convenience Technology" isn't so Convenient feather fern
01.03.2005 Uberlist Meditating Cat
01.03.2005 Uberlist Meditating Cat







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