dateentry titlephoto title
12.31.2004 Wedding Pix the mexican
12.30.2004 116,000 wave
12.28.2004 back from New England icey
12.21.2004 the replacement the new red line
12.20.2004 matt and audrey, sylvia and ben the wedding paaaahty
12.17.2004 hanging about boston goober
12.16.2004 freezing in bostonia angels in blue
12.14.2004 off to Bean Town Sedg, pondering
12.12.2004 motorcycle show chopper
12.10.2004 lymph nodes... fingerling ferns
12.08.2004 Cookies Julkuchen
12.07.2004 pre-trip list sleepy sid
12.04.2004 dog team foggy
12.02.2004 crabby feathery thing
12.01.2004 Tom Brokaw pine cone and leichen
11.30.2004 almost December pinky
11.27.2004 mmmmm. cookies. Ausstecherle
11.25.2004 thanksgiving nubbly
11.23.2004 tweet, tweet birdhouse
11.21.2004 sleeping cats good morning, sunshines!
11.19.2004 the mustang fire engine red
11.17.2004 sunshine for the kitties paws
11.16.2004 musical chairs at the White House prickles
11.15.2004 leaving on a jet plane pelican
11.11.2004 arafat silver leaf
11.09.2004 maus amazon deutschland
11.08.2004 still not over it cherry leaves
11.06.2004 dinner at the hartmanns let them eat cake
11.04.2004 shawn slimey shrooms
11.03.2004 fuck in mourning
11.02.2004 update lunch
11.02.2004 The Day Jack-o-Lantern
10.31.2004 end of the election season... 'shrooms
10.28.2004 Red Sox Nation Rejoice! almost neon
10.26.2004 final countdown shroomin'
10.24.2004 late season photography prickles and bits
10.22.2004 Possessed by the Devil Insane Sid
10.21.2004 Bosox fractal cabbage
10.19.2004 ucky rain on branch
10.18.2004 2-weeks defoliate
10.17.2004 God in the White House?! Oh please! napping
10.14.2004 O'Reilly is a Jackass itsy-bitsy-spider...
10.13.2004 the debate blue skies
10.11.2004 house stuff yellowness
10.08.2004 back from my trip Sidney is Trashed!
10.05.2004 a note autumn
10.03.2004 The weekend recap reflection
10.01.2004 the debate dewy leaf
09.30.2004 autumn solitary leaf
09.28.2004 Mt. St. Helens? sleeping cats
09.27.2004 boston trip autumn asters
09.25.2004 the elusive german deli red n' yellow
09.23.2004 cat stevens stop to smell the flowers
09.21.2004 ticket surcharges raindrops on leaf
09.19.2004 walkabout pine cone on rocks
09.17.2004 Mug shot Sidney, again
09.15.2004 feeling like crap weeeee little spider
09.13.2004 kitten update Sid, part 2
09.11.2004 Sidney The Introduction
09.10.2004 nothing autumn
09.08.2004 contravesty over sacred ground first of fall
09.05.2004 Sunday blahs more dahlias
09.02.2004 Serena, the next Bond Girl daaaaahlia
08.30.2004 call for recipes? toms
08.29.2004 the spl photos diction
08.28.2004 Public Library of the Future antique book
08.25.2004 Rod Stewart blast from the past
08.24.2004 Take me out to the Ball game... SAFECO
08.24.2004 Catching up; Palouse Trip The Palouse
08.19.2004 Queer Eye critter
08.17.2004 nothing much bachelor's button
08.16.2004 bzzzzzzzzzzz bee
08.13.2004 Shrub Policies Suck Morning Glory
08.12.2004 Now on sale! at attention
08.11.2004 tivo edelweiss
08.10.2004 green stuff funky pattern
08.08.2004 weekend recap sunshine through sunflower
08.05.2004 nothing, really dahlia
08.04.2004 pictures, and BOB hummmmmmmmm
08.03.2004 tomorrow, I promise monkey flower
08.01.2004 Rabbit Stu Crater Lake
07.27.2004 I hate vacuum cleaners! the chicken
07.25.2004 HAWT tomatos not from my garden :-)
07.22.2004 müsli recipe dry, dry summer
07.20.2004 bagaag red stripey leaf
07.18.2004 Martha ba-lue
07.15.2004 the food blog day lily
07.13.2004 Olympic Pix Looking Glass
07.12.2004 she's gone! aster
07.11.2004 back from camping skunk cabbage
07.08.2004 What is this country coming to?! unacceptable
07.07.2004 the camping list sneeeeezeweeeeeed
07.06.2004 Edwards, eh? prickly stalk
07.04.2004 Dote Hilde Baby blue
07.03.2004 (none) floating love-in-the-mist
07.01.2004 Mr. Bill Bush on Mars in 2004
06.28.2004 The handover Lake Twenty-two
06.26.2004 saturday laziness bee on a yellow flower
06.24.2004 Notes Buried Sedgwicks
06.22.2004 slick willy ferns
06.21.2004 solstice pix superman
06.20.2004 Sunday Drive out the back window
06.19.2004 Heat Sedg, hard at work
06.17.2004 9-11 rant radishes
06.16.2004 december wedding straw flowers
06.14.2004 Echoing Iris Echo
06.13.2004 Van Dusen afterall Love-in-the-Mist
06.11.2004 here, fishy... fishy... fish and fowl collision
06.10.2004 Bye Ludwig
06.09.2004 busy beaver Seattle Skyline
06.07.2004 Lord Stanley floating iris
06.06.2004 flower fotography turtle
06.05.2004 Reagan's death white
06.03.2004 Stuffed microbes? perky pink
06.02.2004 French Open Bee butt
05.31.2004 NW Folklife Columbine for Heidi
05.30.2004 nothing Big-ass columbine
05.28.2004 Nighttime Sedgwick Adventures Proud Sedg
05.27.2004 Brownie Schrumpf The biggest columbine i have ever seen
05.25.2004 no weekend trip afterall pink
05.24.2004 The Shrub Speaks alien poppy
05.23.2004 Sunday catch up bee buzz
05.22.2004 another business idea cookies, redux
05.20.2004 work blog more stars
05.19.2004 slaps and purple flour fractal leaf
05.18.2004 gas prices red ferns again
05.16.2004 Welcome Home Party simple pink rose
05.14.2004 Friday It's full of stars
05.12.2004 new cell phone number sedgwick, again
05.10.2004 The interview redux red ferns
05.08.2004 nothin' much bzzzzzzzzzz
05.07.2004 law firm website analysis purple petals
05.05.2004 South Park You killed kenny!
05.04.2004 all sorts shroom
05.02.2004 April was dry and hot, officially Garden on May Second
04.30.2004 Boating Season? Sedgwick in the Garden
04.29.2004 The Shrub and Window Boxes Spider Plant
04.28.2004 thunder storm poppy unfurling
04.26.2004 Hot Lilac
04.25.2004 Plitvice cat and cat
04.23.2004 Over and done with first fiddleheads
04.23.2004 Radar Apple blossoms
04.21.2004 more on Trans48 of-center Tulip
04.19.2004 catching up baby daisies
04.17.2004 sunny day? dewey phlow
04.15.2004 bush is an idiot birdie
04.14.2004 I quit monkey sillouette
04.13.2004 license plate FOTOGRF
04.11.2004 Mission garden planting: complete subtle tulip
04.10.2004 Skagit Valley Trip Tulip in shadow
04.09.2004 Easter? little white flowers
04.08.2004 More Tofino Pix bronze leaf
04.06.2004 Back from Tofino Mr. Bear
03.31.2004 Mini-vacation purple
03.29.2004 Sunshine! kindergarten flowers
03.28.2004 The Furr Person Paroled Sedg
03.27.2004 Museum of Flight The Boeing Airplane Company
03.26.2004 ants in my pants ant
03.26.2004 ants in my pants ant
03.25.2004 PetsMart CEO snowball
03.24.2004 cats&dogs blueberry
03.22.2004 news recap yellow
03.21.2004 weekend update snake
03.19.2004 Streusel Coffee Cake Hello Unshine
03.18.2004 howard dean doggie toys
03.17.2004 ben's birthday jumble
03.15.2004 Indian Wells rain drop
03.14.2004 Safe and Sound Sedgwick
03.11.2004 The super nice sales dude pasta
03.10.2004 bob bud
03.09.2004 headache wet leaf
03.07.2004 sunday afternoon turtle
03.06.2004 Go directly to jail; do not pass go mini-iris
03.04.2004 No balloons for you Sedgwick's ear
03.03.2004 kat with a helmet helmet kat
03.02.2004 Kerry is the main man a simple crocus
03.01.2004 PP&M veins
02.29.2004 spring flowers dead bee
02.28.2004 [yawn] buds
02.26.2004 flying squirrels more rocks
02.25.2004 garden planning rocks
02.23.2004 Lost in Translation crokus
02.22.2004 Road Trip in the New Car Paradise's UFO
02.21.2004 the hangover hellebores
02.19.2004 Tofino plans made Tofino
02.18.2004 Goodbye, Dr. Dean buddha
02.16.2004 Altoids AFLACK!
02.15.2004 NASCAR and religion Maus Shadow
02.14.2004 Spring Cleaning Snowy river
02.13.2004 psychodelic pudding
02.12.2004 the quote wiki heather
02.11.2004 Green Lake cookies
02.09.2004 thai food flower, in pink
02.08.2004 Garden Show 2004 birdees
02.07.2004 Ski jumping Yikes!
02.05.2004 The Mountain wet grass
02.04.2004 dead bird dead bird
02.02.2004 not such a good day Old and New
02.01.2004 To an Athlete Dying Young gnome in the rain
01.30.2004 surgery recap Ludwig ii
01.29.2004 surgery corny spider
01.28.2004 a neeeew car! frostly leaf
01.26.2004 New Hampster motrin, supersized
01.25.2004 brainstorming buds part deux
01.24.2004 car shopping green sea life
01.22.2004 thoughts? rosehips
01.21.2004 minor political rant; very minor sand dollar
01.19.2004 later, alligator foam
01.18.2004 Cannon Beach Haystack
01.15.2004 Weekend Getaway moo
01.14.2004 Monopoly Puzzled
01.11.2004 Nunavut Capricorn
01.10.2004 Birthday Chihuly Glass
01.08.2004 Military Planning TiVooooooo
01.07.2004 miscellaneous face of a girl
01.06.2004 it really snowed Snowy Sedg
01.05.2004 sick Shoes, from Brian's Party
01.04.2004 silly math Maus portrait
01.03.2004 Redesign Turkey, and no, I don't mean Bush
01.02.2004 black ice I see stars....







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