dateentry titlephoto title
12.31.2003 New Years Eve Zion!
12.30.2003 gross bloody eyeball
12.29.2003 still working on that trip report one salad to go, please
12.28.2003 none none
12.23.2003 Happy Christmas Poinsettia #2
12.22.2003 Scarlet Tree Christmasy fern
12.21.2003 End of the Year Survey Fisheye cookies
12.20.2003 Catching up again... December Sunrise
12.17.2003 Vegas, again. Rion
12.15.2003 Ludwig meets King Midas Christmas dude
12.13.2003 Christmas is coming! weakling
12.11.2003 List peppermint
12.08.2003 odds and ends Poinsettia #1 -- more for sure
12.06.2003 Company Christmas Party Wet Space Needle
12.05.2003 makeup raindrops
12.02.2003 cookies christmas
12.01.2003 Vegas, baby! dewy leaf
11.30.2003 blog Tree-monster
11.29.2003 christmas shopping pansies, again
11.27.2003 Iraq or bust Gooble-gooble
11.26.2003 let us give thanks squash
11.25.2003 Cranberry Walnut Tart last autumn leaves
11.24.2003 International news orchid, part deux
11.23.2003 people are strange Orchideus
11.22.2003 shopping? fractals in nature
11.20.2003 ornaments extraordinaire pink flamingo
11.19.2003 Snow! Sunshine on an otherwise dreary day
11.18.2003 Massachussetts is progressive? You pansy!
11.17.2003 (none) (none)
11.16.2003 Seattle (doesn't) Cooks gnomes
11.15.2003 aging gracefully the seed-planter 3000
11.14.2003 The End The old ferry dock at Juanita Bay
11.13.2003 Baking the bitter end of a fern
11.11.2003 another driving rant Fisheyed Train Stuff
11.10.2003 Gary Ridgeway last of the pretty leaves
11.09.2003 Nap Time for Capt. Sedgwick UpSellUSA
11.08.2003 No moonshine History Museum, Tacoma
11.06.2003 sky watching japanese architecture
11.04.2003 my version isn't so funny... glass apples
11.03.2003 Family Diversions Chihuly
11.02.2003 Tacoma inverted museum of glass
11.01.2003 nothing yet more autumnness
10.31.2003 halloween pumpkin
10.30.2003 Kat Kommentary here birdie, birdie
10.29.2003 Bloody Cold Halloween Japanese Maple
10.28.2003 Käse Spätzle golden leaves
10.26.2003 Bloedel Sedg and the Art of Couch Surfing
10.25.2003 Disaster Tourism Storm damage
10.24.2003 northern lights vibrant blue flower, avec raindrop
10.23.2003 coffee cake a la kat more whirlie-gigs, late in the season
10.22.2003 Death, a lovely topic Thorns
10.21.2003 Harrison's Flowers little blue things
10.20.2003 And then the rains came More autumn color
10.19.2003 three random paragraphs Veins
10.17.2003 alphabet soup Thistle
10.16.2003 Spam, Spam, Spam! Cabbage
10.14.2003 A collection of news stories Pink Tips
10.13.2003 happy 0.5 birthday, sedg-monster! Profile of a Sedg
10.12.2003 Snoq River walk boots
10.11.2003 Dining in Kirkland Ringele!
10.10.2003 stuff, just stuff i see stars
10.09.2003 growing up the happy scarecrow
10.08.2003 Back in SEA Shadows
10.05.2003 Making Coq Shrooms
10.04.2003 Back to Boston Center Street Cafe
10.02.2003 Maine! Surprise! Russian Cargo Plane
10.01.2003 Terminix the spider and teh artichoke
09.30.2003 consumer drinkage more mt. baker pics
09.29.2003 autumn red maple, japanese style
09.28.2003 Chores hopeful orange face
09.27.2003 hike at mt. baker autumn colors
09.25.2003 jeopardy alien leaf
09.24.2003 Chrome simple
09.23.2003 Haircut ice cream for eric
09.22.2003 April 20, 1987 Picasso Leaves
09.21.2003 A tale of the eyeball prickly, squishy thing
09.20.2003 Jim, Jim. All are Jim. Red fern
09.18.2003 corn-on-the-cob veins
09.17.2003 Wes Clark makes it official apples
09.16.2003 eye doctor drip
09.15.2003 a quick jaunt does the mood swing good aster, purple
09.14.2003 sunday = nothing white
09.13.2003 Ingalls Lake Hike Maus at Ingalls Lake
09.11.2003 Collected thoughts and links Grey and purple
09.09.2003 I am the color green Sedg-monster
09.09.2003 pissy dsl rocks
09.07.2003 Osteospermum whirlie-gig redux
09.07.2003 company more whirlie-gigs
09.05.2003 i believe your server is missing circles
09.04.2003 hot and thirsty buds
09.03.2003 John Travolta Wild Aster
09.01.2003 The Evergreen State Far, we'll see you there! Rubber-ducky, you're the one!
09.01.2003 catching up...
08.29.2003 A long weekend...time to sleep the last clematis
08.27.2003 makin' friends Sedg in a tree, again
08.26.2003 Smash'em up Derby Black-eyed-susans
08.25.2003 [none] Ludwig adventure
08.24.2003 An espresso tax? Call it a Starbucks tax! Preparing to dazzle
08.23.2003 Palisades Dusty Sneakers
08.22.2003 U.S. Open whirlie-gig in white
08.20.2003 Israel baby daisy
08.19.2003 The Interview Woven ferns
08.19.2003 gas price rant Hydrangea, pastel
08.17.2003 Tipping the customer? Jack and Pizza
08.16.2003 Chocolate-chip Cookie Recipe Leaves
08.15.2003 Nat Geo Contest Rubber Chicken
08.14.2003 where were you when the East Coast went dark? Pasha-pose
08.13.2003 more annoyances baaaa-lue
08.12.2003 cybERpunk echinacea
08.11.2003 the day off (few and far between) whirlie-gig avec spider
08.10.2003 Time incompetant Pumpkin Orange Flowers
08.09.2003 blackberry jam soon-to-be blackberry jam
08.08.2003 Ack! abutilon, or so I am told
08.07.2003 A list of annoyances Garden Tours
08.06.2003 Misc ramblings Wildflowers
08.04.2003 For your viewing pleasure... Tah-dah!
08.03.2003 Another Rainier Adventure Chippy the Chipmunk
08.01.2003 Eastside F'loggers Action Sedg
07.30.2003 90+ degrees Dragon!
07.29.2003 The mess that is a house Marakuja
07.27.2003 flower shoot sunday monarchs at the zoo
07.26.2003 Retail rant He's got baby-Sedgwick-eyes
07.25.2003 The end of the week... and I feel fine... Ribbon flower
07.24.2003 a good day Clematis, remaining
07.23.2003 Tyler Hamilton During the Ordeal
07.22.2003 The great paint saga The Mountain, in summer
07.21.2003 The #$&*^#$*(^ Bathroom! Brain coral flower
07.20.2003 THE looooooo Avalanche Lily
07.19.2003 Mt. Rainier in July A field of lillies
07.17.2003 Bellevue Botanical Garden Contest winner... hmmmm... pfannkuchen
07.16.2003 The Santa Monica Farmer's Market Pinwheel
07.15.2003 Now You've gone and done it... simple
07.14.2003 The kitten terror. :) Sedgwick, Week 4
07.13.2003 Skagit Valley Excursion Passionflower, for Rainer
07.12.2003 Hedge Trimming, part deux Waterlily
07.11.2003 Best Buy Sucks The first dahlia
07.10.2003 Italy Seina (Old shot)
07.09.2003 Da Tour Welcome to the Velodrome
07.08.2003 Shed removal Another psychedelic pinwheel flower
07.07.2003 back to the real world Red-heads have more fun
07.02.2003 2010 Winter Olympic Games End of the Poppies
07.01.2003 Change of plans Corn flower
06.29.2003 Katherine Hepburn Sedgwik, week 3
06.28.2003 Do not call me! :) Globe Thistle
06.26.2003 Set. Go. Ready?
06.25.2003 Car Rentals Purple Iris
06.24.2003 OGlobo Buds
06.23.2003 Wimbledon Sedgwik, week 2
06.22.2003 argh. (none)
06.21.2003 The Center of the Universe (Fremont) Solstice
06.19.2003 It's only Thursday? sprinkler lily
06.18.2003 Life or Something Like It Yellow!
06.17.2003 Monster House? Thistle, part deux
06.16.2003 Miscellaneous Sedgwick, again
06.15.2003 Hiking on a Sunday Morning Talapus Lake
06.14.2003 The Great Kitten Adventure Sedgwick
06.12.2003 Cold again The Fish Goddess
06.11.2003 Odds and Ends Left fern
06.10.2003 The Matrix -- unloaded Spread-eagle bee
06.09.2003 Monkey Pox Maus at Mt. Rainier
06.08.2003 Today is our anniversary. :) Anniversary Rose
06.07.2003 Where did the Kat go? Sunset over Deception Pass
06.05.2003 Hot Leopard Slug
06.04.2003 More fotocommentary Observant Maus
06.03.2003 Fotolog Revolution Prickles
06.02.2003 Summer? Purple
06.01.2003 (none) Bee
05.31.2003 another random saturday adventure Cougar Gulch Roch Formation
05.30.2003 They fought the good fight fern circle
05.29.2003 It's official all right Official binder-clip benny
05.28.2003 [GULP] bearded iris in the rain
05.27.2003 To cat or not to cat Iris from above
05.26.2003 Floating Blue Poppy Floating Blue Poppy
05.25.2003 No news is no news spider stalking an artichoke
05.24.2003 Matt at Matts' for Dinner Maus at the Komputor
05.23.2003 E.Bess Foxglove
05.22.2003 Can-doers Field of Blue Iris
05.21.2003 Congo (not the dance; or is that the KongA)? Waterfall
05.20.2003 Tangarine Man Penchant for Possies
05.19.2003 How Mission Impossible of You! Blue Iris
05.18.2003 Fender Bender California Poppy
05.17.2003 Saturday Have Fun Stormin' The Castle!
05.16.2003 Poppy Seed Poppy Seed
05.15.2003 Overweight Depth of Field
05.14.2003 Mediterranean Kitchen the great bearded strawberry
05.13.2003 lawnmower racing Posing Clematis
05.12.2003 Miscellaneous Commentary Intensely Green
05.11.2003 Mother's Day pink wild dogwood
05.10.2003 North Cascade Loop Drive Dancing Chipmunk
05.09.2003 Studio Momo Wood grain
05.08.2003 The guy who sawed off his own arm... Dogwood
05.07.2003 (none) tulip petal
05.06.2003 Wonderboy Sunset over Lake Washington
05.05.2003 tornadoes rhody waiting to bloom
05.04.2003 Brunch Train No. 2945
05.03.2003 Saturday "Adventures" Dew on Screw
05.02.2003 More blog about fotolog Fuzzy
05.01.2003 (none) Yellow
04.30.2003 Oatmeal Coconut Raspberry Bars Fuzzy fiddlehead
04.29.2003 Paperwork Translucent Daffodil
04.28.2003 Hypocrisy Fuzzy Paintbrush
04.27.2003 Sunny Sunday Tiny flowers
04.26.2003 The Notices Light up the Sky
04.25.2003 Anybody want a peanut? sweet magnolia
04.24.2003 ack badly exposed paperclips
04.23.2003 Miscellaneous Commentary Really small fiddleheads
04.22.2003 Explanation Our investment portfolio
04.21.2003 Today is Monday Monitor Friends
04.20.2003 of a Snail Eyeball
04.19.2003 Kirkland Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
04.18.2003 Hobgoblin Any closer, I'd be inside the plant
04.17.2003 Museum Looters Skunk Cabbage
04.16.2003 The lens, redux Da Maus' Eyeball
04.15.2003 Another New Lens Table and Chairs
04.14.2003 Serena Red
04.13.2003 Travel List Banana Slug
04.12.2003 Catching Up Bonsai Flowers
04.10.2003 Wasted 15 seconds, eh? Scottish Pocketbook
04.09.2003 Aaron Brown fiddleheads
04.08.2003 Is it just me? Rocks
04.07.2003 Denial The tree in the back yard
04.06.2003 Sunday activities water on grass
04.05.2003 Motorcycle Macroflower
04.04.2003 Croissants I (heart) Big Boy
04.03.2003 A knife, an airport, and the TSA Jars
04.02.2003 Home again View from the 15th Floor
04.01.2003 Blue on Blue The Blue Avalon
03.31.2003 Observations Quintessential LA Photo
03.31.2003 LA Trip Entry #1 Chollos
03.28.2003 no comment Deer can't read
03.27.2003 Another list Butterfly
03.26.2003 Los Angeles bound Send in the Clowns
03.25.2003 Mom Heide
03.24.2003 Small Arms & Light Weapons bird head
03.23.2003 Phil's birthday bowling alley
03.22.2003 saturday Crocus
03.21.2003 Combat boots and Mardi-gras beads sadaam in evening wear
03.20.2003 Miscellaneous Da Maus watches the Tube
03.19.2003 Costa Rica Trip Report Posted Water vs. Oil
03.18.2003 48 to get outta Dodge Daffy-dills
03.17.2003 Corn Flakes® Our house
03.16.2003 Spring! rhubarb, I think
03.15.2003 I've been humbled Bellevue's Botanical Toad
03.14.2003 really quite blah, thanks swiss cheese plant
03.13.2003 Localhost All watery and stuff
03.12.2003 Secrets Footprint
03.11.2003 Home Red Fern
03.08.2003 Costa Rica Entry #5
03.06.2003 Costa Rica Entry #4
03.04.2003 Costa Rica Entry #3
03.02.2003 Costa Rica Entry #2
02.28.2003 Costa Rica Entry #1
02.26.2003 Possible Hiatus
02.25.2003 Packing List coooookies
02.24.2003 Tired more ferns
02.23.2003 Bad mood Monterey Restaurant
02.22.2003 Emissions Testing Straight on
02.21.2003 Garden Show Review grains
02.20.2003 Café Lulu squirrel redux
02.19.2003 blog another damn flower
02.18.2003 Shopping :-) Carrie
02.17.2003 a note or two golden standee
02.16.2003 Homeland (in)Security PhotoShop'ed Flowers
02.15.2003 Antiwar rally in Seattle Nixon against Iraq
02.14.2003 Alix and Michi Smoooooooooooch
02.13.2003 Joe Idiot Seattle
02.12.2003 Blood diamonds Roses are red...
02.11.2003 A turtled Westie Neon
02.10.2003 23 days and counting The Guggenheim
02.09.2003 another list underwater
02.08.2003 Boulder River Redux Frosty Ferns
02.07.2003 Rant dead dandelion
02.06.2003 Thin Pan Siam Bistro Security Council
02.05.2003 A list The Sheep
02.04.2003 Costa Rica Eagle
02.03.2003 Gorp Totems
02.02.2003 No Portland Afterall Nude on Bicycle
02.01.2003 Breaking News This is CNN (literally)
01.31.2003 Gekko Digitas
01.30.2003 All the News Fit to Print Bon-SAI !
01.29.2003 The State of our Union Legs
01.28.2003 Ferns Green
01.27.2003 Joschka Joschka
01.24.2003 Brisket The Nun
01.23.2003 Miscellaneous Hobbits-eye-view
01.22.2003 School lunch Change
01.21.2003 Lost in Translation Sunshine through trees
01.20.2003 Australian Open Concrete
01.19.2003 Walk in the Woods That trippy water thing
01.17.2003 Slow-Stop Dumpster
01.16.2003 ikea Da Office mit der Maus
01.15.2003 Blech Dew on Grass
01.14.2003 Lava Lamp Tiles
01.13.2003 eBay Silliness Screwed
01.12.2003 Ergo Ant's eye view of bark
01.11.2003 Seastar Chess
01.10.2003 Unwedded bliss Red, red roses
01.09.2003 Squirrrrrrl Squirrrrrrl
01.08.2003 Kofi Little Red Berry-like Things
01.07.2003 Resolution 47 Atlanta
01.06.2003 Technology Sucks Fern
01.05.2003 Paradise Marshmellow
01.04.2003 INS Stupidity Bench being ignored by squirl
01.03.2003 Coq au Vin Monitor in a field
01.02.2003 North Korea Weather
01.01.2003 New Years Resolutions Nose







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