I really have no idea what you want to know about me, so here is the elevator speech. Kat in a nutshell.


My name is Katja Suletzki, better known as Kat. I’m a late 30-something binational, bilingual chickita-banana who presently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts / USA. I have also lived in Stuttgart and Marburg, Germany; Orono, Maine; Rouen and Ploermel, France, St. Louis, Missouri and Seattle/Kirkland, Washington. I’ve traveled too many places to mention, though mostly these days, I spend a lot of time in Munich. I love that city.

I have a master’s degree in International Political Development with a concentration in Sub-Saharan African Immigration Policy, which is one of those oh-so-useful degrees that leads to unemployment so instead I own my own company (Latitude48 Translation), founded in 2002ish. Before that, I pretty much worked for either localization and translation providers or for software companies as their international guru. If you want to know more gory details, check out my LinkedIn profile.

What else… I’m a photography addict, mostly nature and floral photography, though I am also a big fan of light-play anywhere (cities, canyons, water…). I am not great at people photography though.

I love to cook, experiment with recipes, and to try new restaurants. I bake pretty much everything and all the time, though in this extreme, I bake nearly 3000 christmas cookies every year. If nothing else, I am famous for those cookies.

I am a staunch liberal politically and socially and am a complete skeptic when it comes to god. I find organized religion absurd.

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