Hectic Weeks Make for Cranky Kats

Written by Kat on March 23rd, 2010

I’ve completely misjudged this week and have bitten off more than I can chew, I’m afraid. Ever have one of those weeks?

Here’s a run-down, not counting work related items (which are massive this week) and the fact that I am feeling under the weather (allergies? a spring cold? Who the hell knows….)

1. a sewing project, that while small, needs to be complete by Friday morning and hasn’t been started yet (should take about 2-3 hours)

2. a baking project that has three sub parts, needs to be complete by Friday morning as well; only one of which is started (and ultimately may get dropped; we’ll see)

3. a writing project with no concrete deadline, but I would love to spend all day working on

4. Spring cleaning, both apartment and Ludwig von Volkswagen; April 1 deadline

5. the sweater project; April 30 deadline and about one-third complete. Goal is to have one more piece done by Sunday

6. Need to run to the framing shop to have two large photographs matted and framed; One has a deadline of April 23 and it often takes 3 weeks without incurring rush charges, so I should get on this; Might have to push to weekend.

Seems like less when I write it down, but good thing that I am an insomniac and can actually knit or write all night. Maybe then I’ll get it all done.


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