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Spring Knitting Project

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

I tend not to knit in the summer time. Besides the obvious fact that there are so many other cool things to do outdoors in the summer, knitting in the summer tends to get pretty hot on the fingers and sweaty fingers does not for good knitting make. It still being a few months until summer, however, I decided last week to start on a little more ambitious project for myself: a lace-weight 100% baby alpaca yarn cardigan in yes (of course) green. It’s a open edge (meaning, no band on the ends) and I intend to make semi-kimono-like sleeves for it — in other words, loose and flowing. The yarn is super light and it’s been a bit of an effort to work with it because of that (not to mention that I bent a pair of #1 needles already so I went out and bought two new sets in case I do that again; I tend to knit pretty tightly), but so far, so good. I am a little less than half-way up the back piece, so maybe one-sixth (or perhaps more like one-seventh) of the way done in a weeks time.

Spring Knitting Project

I’ve given myself until April 30 to complete, which might be overly ambitious, but we’ll see. My fingers are definitely getting a workout with such fine yarn.

The Artistic Talents of a 6-Year-Old

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

In the category of “fun and exciting bits of nostalgia that parents like to find at Christmas time”, here is a lovely little gem: a plate of my artistic talents circa age 6. As you can see, I was not an artistic protégé. [grin] It was one of the draw on piece of paper, mail it in and we’ll turn it into a melamine plate deals.

Artistic Talents of a 6-Year-Old Kat

In case anything needs explaining (and it had to be explained to me so clearly it isn’t self evident), the thing on the right is a flying telephone and the thing on the left is unknown. The earth apparently also has two suns. I am also not sure why the drawing of my grandfather has a fin (perhaps a mermaid impression?). Oh wait, perhaps that is intended to be his arm.

For the record, my drawing skills haven’t progressed much since this plate was made.

Heavenly Socks Yarns, Belfast, ME

Monday, November 9th, 2009


For any knitters out there in short supply of good, high quality yarn and find yourself in Belfast Maine (or, like me, make a major pilgrimage to go there), check out Heavenly Socks Yarns. It’s gotten to be a routine that whenever I visit my parents, I have to drive the hour to visit Helen (the owner) and buy new yarn, even if I have no real project in mind. Her selection is amazing! Even better, if you find yourself short on yarn mid-way through a project, she is supper accommodating and will match the dye lot for you and send you more. I’ve had to do that three times already because clearly I am not so great at estimating.

Mom and I went on Saturday; a beautiful day and a good excuse to drive the hour from Orono to Belfast anyway. I am mid-way through two knitting projects so I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for, and once there, was overwhelmed, as usual, by my options. I couldn’t make up my mind but Sunday I drove back on the way back to Boston to for some wonderful baby alpaca yarn for a lace wrap.

Yet Another Scarf Project

Monday, October 26th, 2009

This week’s Arts and Crafts Project is another scarf. Yes, I know, I have far too many of these already, but I found this very cool yarn (it’s actually sock yarn) called a Zauberball… yes, yes, German of course. Almost all the cool yarn that I find is from Germany. It’s pretty unique in that so far I am about half-way through a skein and it has yet to repeat it’s pattern. Because it is so thin, I’m making it extra long so that I can wrap it around my neck about a million times.

October Scarf Project

What do you think?

I also bought some very cuddly/fuzzy green alpaca yarn for a sweater, which is a little more ambitious for me, and given that is a bigger project, may have to wait until after the holidays.